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Before you apply

Published 10 MAY 2016

Are you sure you want to spend your summer with us? It’s two months of your life. Instead of sleeping, laying in the sun, clubbing etc. you are going to think abstract, write real code and witness first hand the power of having a seasoned full-stack developer at your side.

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How we lost the Hackathon!

How we lost the Hackathon

Published 22 APRIL 2016

Losing a hackathon sucks, but not understanding why sucks even more. We heard about the Koding Hackathon a few months ago. My colleagues got excited about the idea of spending a weekend to test their limits and bring a product to life so we applied.

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The snowball effect of a good project

The snowball effect of a good project

Published 12 JANUARY 2016

Last year I started working on a new project. You know those kinds of projects where you do the same thing over and over again and you don’t learn anything new? The kind of project that makes you question why oh why have I become a developer?

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A new way of working

First project

Published 20 FEBRUARY 2014

I have been working in outsourcing since I started Around25 back in 2006 and I had the chance to work on some very interesting projects and meet cool clients along the way ...

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